Feeling powerless? Let our print making facilities magnify your voice!
Print for a cause.  Think. Make. Disseminate.

1 concerned individual, 1 month, 100 prints

agitprop residency programThe AGITPROP residency is designed to give a concerned individual the opportunity to create art with a message. We are reaching out to all of those (not just artists) who have a cause they believe in. The project will take form as a new residency program focused on traditional printmaking techniques (e.g., letterpress, silkscreen, etching, relief, photopolymer plates) and building a bridge between printmaking’s historic relationship to generating social/cultural/political awareness and contemporary social media/online forums. The Compound Gallery, LLC  in northwest Oakland will serve as headquarters for the residency program, but dissemination of residency projects will take place publicly – anywhere in Alameda, Contra Costa, San Francisco counties, and possibly beyond the Bay Area– as well as across the internet.


Our goal is to support concerned individuals by sharing the Compound’s extensive art making facilities so that they may share one important cause of their choosing to produce at least 100 prints (posters, brochures, postcards, zines) that highlight the objectives of their cause in one month’s time.



Each accepted individual will receive an Agitprop Residency Patch

This residency is not intended to promote a specific organization. The works produced could still cover the general beliefs and cause of a particular organization without being specific to a select organization.  A few examples of significant and timely local issues we would like to encourage dialog about include, but are not limited to: political issues, human rights, police brutality, homelessness, lack of affordable housing,  climate change, the statewide drought, water rights, tolerance, racism, LGBTQ rights, and other issues of concern. Messages of hate will not be accepted or tolerated.

What better way to get your message out there than producing aesthetically interesting art work?  Dissemination and uncensored public dialog pertaining to the selected social causes elicited by creative acts transmitted beyond the gallery walls are an integral part of the residency program. Works printed during the residency are for FREE dissemination NOT for sale. This residency is about making art and sharing your voice. We imagine that the print media created during the residencies will be displayed on street posts, buildings, and community center billboards, and distributed as free giveaways at events, neighborhood meetings, on public transportation, libraries or other civic spaces; anywhere with high public visibility. Through the residency program, we hope to encourage people to critically engage with pressing social issues and initiate conversations with as broad and diverse of an audience as possible, reaching beyond the scope of typical gallery patrons.


commonspace-1024x750We have an arsenal of seven letterpresses, two etching presses, and a full screen printing set up. You can find out more about our facilities HERE. The Compound will not only provide access to comprehensive facilities, but also equipment training, some materials, and personalized assistance with the conceptualization, design and execution of projects. If needed, Compound Co-directors will meet with each of the incoming artists to discuss their artistic vision and help direct them to the proper printmaking medium. Subsequently, Compound staff will provide artists with a comprehensive orientation of the facilities and equipment training and will assist in printing negatives for burning silkscreens or photopolymer plates and/or setting up files for and producing lasercut plates, etc. They will also be on hand to assist with printing throughout the month-long residency. Artists/groups will have access to the facilities five days a week, Wednesday through Sunday 12:00-7:00 pm. In addition, the Compound will provide basic materials such as aprons, gloves, rags, solvents, silkscreens, scoop coaters, emulsion, digital negative media, photopolymer plates, linoleum, wood and metal type, etc.  Housing is NOT included. However, you can rent our private 2bdrm art themed apartment (located 4 blocks from the gallery) at a discounted rate of $125/night. You can find out more about our previous residency program here.


Due to lack of funding. We will review on a rolling basis and accept as many artists as we can as time permits.

We will set a orientation date for each session. Accepted applicants must be able to attend the orientation and at least one scheduled training session.  Once a start date is set, accepted individual has 30 days to complete the project. We will accept as many people as we can handle at each review date.

We will keep your application on file for at least 6 months.  If you want to submit a different project, you must reapply.



We are funding this residency out of our own pockets.  If you want to support what we do by either donating ink, paper, supplies, or monetary funds, you can do so by clicking HERE.  We are fiscally sponsored via Fractured Atlas, a 501(c)(3) public charity. Contributions for the purposes of The Compound Gallery are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.



flax art oakland


What do YOU have to say?  What is your cause?

*Applicant must be 18 years or older.


*Applicant does not have to have prior artistic experience.


*$10 entry fee. The modest proceeds from application fee go directly to agitprop residency.  We provide paper, ink training, and facility access. Your application will stay on file with us for 6 months.  If you change your project within that time, you will have to submit again.  One project per submission. We will review applications as time permits continually be accepting applications.  Please NOTE: Because of the modest entry fee, our administration tasks are limited and we will not be able to inform you if you are not accepted.  You will hear from us if your project is accepted. We wanted to keep submission costs down, but as a result, we are limited in time and funds to return emails detailing why your project was not accepted, etc.

*Works printed during the residency are for FREE dissemination NOT for sale. This residency is about making art and sharing your voice.


*Selected individual must print at least 100 prints within the 1 month period (there may be opportunity to print more if desired). These prints can be of one design, or several different designs.  We will provide training for one select medium (letterpress or screen printing).  We have minimal staff to help, so each assistance on multiple designs is at the discretion of the Compound Gallery.


*One person may have access to the facilities during business hours (Wed-Sun 12-7pm) for 1 month. Assistants are not allowed (unless needed for accesibility-see below)


*The building is handicap accessible.  Some of the printing equipment is accessible, but we can also assist with certain equipment if needed.

*We take our residencies seriously. We will commit to you if you commit to us.  Please do not apply if you are just looking to put another residency on your resume and are not dedicated to putting in time to complete this residency. There are many people who would love this opportunity to learn a new creative medium and express their voice. Please do not take this opportunity away from them. Presses are happiest when operating. Don’t keep them waiting.


*This residency is not to be used for projects/individuals who have received a grant, fellowship, etc. to complete their project.


*After prints are completed, we will photograph prints to share online.  Selected individual must document the dissemination of the prints and share with The Compound Gallery.




Q: Can “teams” or “groups” apply?
A: A team can apply, but only one person will be able to have access to the facilities and will be able to take the training classes and workshops.

Q: If I am accepted, does the residency have to be completed within 6 months of applying?
A: Your application will be kept on file for one year.  We will review the applications as time permits.  Once accepted, we will arrange a time for you to come and complete the residency.  If you can not make your scheduled orientation and start date, we will keep your project on file for consideration for a future start date.

Q: Do you provide housing?
A: Unfortunately, no.  But, we do offer a discount on our 2bdrm art themed apartment located just a few blocks away.  Please inform us if you are interested in this.