The Art Shoppe


Welcome to the Compound Art Shoppe. Open to the public during gallery hours and events.  Come see our special collection room that features artwork from our favorite artists.  Sit back and peruse through our flat files, get inspired, and enjoy the art. Our Art Shoppe is a special place for seasoned and new collectors to find amazing original works of art. Many of our works are available online, but there are many more gems that you can only see in person.

The Forestry Files


Experience the hunt for Big Foot while you search through our old Forestry File cabinet filled with contemporary art – under $100! The tiny room is filled with sounds of the forest to complete the experience. We have hidden a Big Foot token in one of the drawers….find Big Foot, bring it to the front counter and receive a gift (no purchase necessary) and 10% off any purchase from the Forestry File Room.