“Ex-Corpse” in the Artists Gallery….. (October 15th-December 4th, 2011)

Come see a collaborative mural created by Compound Artists. It is created in the tradition of “Exquisite Corpse,” an art-making game that originated among the surrealists. For many artists, the creative process is monastic in nature. Even at a communal art space such as the Compound, we work in separate “cells”, turning inward. Ex-Corpse disrupts this tendency and celebrates the absurdist spirit that inspired it. It takes the aura of comraderie that draws many of us to the Compound’s working environment and brings the studio, er, out of the studio. For one week, 18 artists work directly on the project room walls, working simultaneously and in tandem to create: what? The final multi-wall composition in the project room at the Compound will be on view through the end of the year. Curated and organized by Alison O.K. Frost.