Our team, Matt Reynoso and Eric Sanchez, are knowledgeable in traditional, digital and innovative techniques in 2-D and 3-D art applications. Indubitable Design specializes in professional and contemporary cutting edge art work. Housed at The Compound Gallery in Oakland, CA, our design team holds significant experience creating durable, quality murals and installations with a fresh modern feel. Combined, we have over 30 years experience in the arts. We offer a variety of services such as but not limited to the following: MURALS, SCULPTURE, FABRICATION, and INSTALLATION.


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This project exists of four mixed media niches and one free standing safe door. Each 8’x 11’ niche illustrated the various elements of banking for a walking art tour. The niches focus on the teller experience, payments, money movements, marketing and the safe door is a symbol of securities. Each niche includes 2 or more of the following medias; wheat paste, woodworking, found objects, advertising ephemera, inkjet prints, shelving, video, and lighting. Each piece is executed in a museum tour like fashion.




Utilizing the existing marine plywood fascade, a painted mural that would layer over the raw wood much like a varnish. The background is a urban silhouette that identifies the various regions and showcases the projects Estructure has worked on. Various elements such as the North symbol, approval stamp, pipe bracing, nut, and bolt identify the parts that flow from plans to construction. The entire mural is overlaid with organic forms extracted from the manzanita foilage and is highlighted with contrasting bold lines.




This sculpture is located at a tech firm in Mountain View. A 16’ sculpture of unfinished wood trunks evoking a sense of vintage travel with a crisp modern twist. This whimsical sculpture is composed of a stack of unfinished wooden trunks on a 5’ x 5’ x 3’ high pedestal with an internal steel support built from 4” x 4” 1/4” steel square tubing. Approximately 23 trunks of various dimensions are stacked creating a mighty tower of travel.




The mural is located at a tech firm in Mountain View. This mural was designed digitally and was translated to a combination of 12 Nobel Prize winning chemists in pen and ink style, reminiscent of old etchings, but with a fresh modern aesthetic. Floating objects and elements relating to individual chemists discoveries and the filed of chemistry as a whole (molecules, test tubes, geometric forms, and of course, a periodic table of elements) surround the chemist portraits.




The mural is located in the main entrance to ex’pressions college in San Jose. This mural was designed digitally and was translated to a combination of half-toned photographs complimented with illustrations are translated to large format digital prints. References from the 1960‘s attempts in lunar landings and historical game references is the central theme for this mural.




The South Bay mural is located in the cafe for a tech firm in Milpitas. This mural was designed digitally and was translated to a combination of graphic color fields, half-toned photographs of landscapes/food trucks, and illustrations of native California species. From left to right the landscape transforms to a collage of the city of San Jose to the rolling hills of East Bay and Mt. Tamalpais. A whimsical display of food trucks travel via Tom Sawyer raft to feed the awaiting businessmen and animals.




This mural was created offsite, on 5 wood panels, and was installed in the kitchen/break room for Kennedy/Jenks Consultants group in San Francisco. The design was done digitally and the stencils are inspired by water atoms, the states that Kennedy/Jenks holds offices, water processing facilities, and the signatures of important founding members of the consultant group.