Making the Mold…

The Process Begins with a Rubber Mold..
Crystal Morey’s bronze sculpture is currently at the mold maker…. The process is quite laborious and requires the removal of some of the limbs because there are quite a few undercuts in this particular piece.

Check out Crystal’s blog for more photos and info and on our blog HERE.

[pullquote style=”left” quote=”dark”]Artworks Foundry– The metamorphosis of a sculpture from the original medium into bronze begins with a rubber mold.The original sculpture must remain stationary during the mold making process. To accomplish this, half of the sculpture is nestled into a base of soft plasticine clay, the other exposed half is painted evenly with a clear, viscous rubber. (Polyurethane rubber is best for single or small editions while larger editions require silicone rubber.) When the half painted with rubber dries, a protective and rock hard “mother mold” made of reinforced plaster is built around the pliable rubber. The sculpture is then turned over, and the process repeated. When the second side is complete, the mold is opened and the original removed from within. The rubber is rejoined with the other half, rendering an exact “negative” image of the sculpture in rubber.[/pullquote]