The woodshop is located in our new 3D arts building.  Artists who have demonstrated proficiency with selected tools are able to access the shop 24/7.  Artists who may not be familiar with tools can take our “Woodshop for Artists” workshop, which is a one-on-one personalized session designed to teach specific skills and equipment on an individual basis.



  • Delta table saw (with Rockler crosscut sled)
  • drillpress
  • hand tools (hand planers, chisels, clamps, etc.)
  • various power hand tools (jigsaw, hand drills, planer, palm sanders)
  • Dewalt planer
  • Hammond Router-Planer-Type-high Planer
  • Grizzly wood lathe
  • work tables
  • bandsaw
  • scroll saw
  • miter saw
  • belt/disc sander
  • overhead dust filtration system
  • lumber racks
  • compressed air/tools throughout (nail/staple guns)
  • 40lb capacity abrasive blast cabinet

Photo Nov 15, 3 11 01 PM

Photo Nov 16, 6 57 55 PM

Our woodshop is an additional $50/month (also includes metalshop use) which covers  maintenance, blades, safety equipment, sandpaper, etc.