BEASTMASTER: work by Jaime Lakatos (October 30th-November 28th, 2010)

BEASTMASTER: Work by Jaime Lakatos

(October 30th-November 28th, 2010)

Closing Tea & Artist Talk: Sunday, November 28th 3-6pm
(Talk starts at 4pm)

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The Compound Gallery is please to announce the solo exhibition BEASTMASTER: Work by Jaime Lakatos.  Lakatos earns the sobriquet, “Bride of Darwinstein” for her creation of an amazing hunting lodge of evolution gone wrong.  A seeming sense of familiarity beckons the viewer, while the peculiarity of her forms reminds us that something extraordinary is happening.  The viewer must decide whether Lakatos’s sculptures exist in a implausible world, or whether these fantastic creatures echo something deeper within our own environment.
Her ‘vegan’ taxidermy sculptures are flanked by her drawings, which personify animals as manifestations of our struggles with mankind, as well as our own existential reality.  Lakatos’s work remarks on the relationship between man and nature, and her playful approach juxtaposes dark daunting images with bold color, rousing the observer to explore Lakatos’s world further.