Submit to the Compound Art Shoppe

This form is for submitting specific work to our brick and mortar and online Art Shoppe. The Art Shoppe is a casual cash and carry store adjacent to the Main Gallery where we sell works that are not necessarily curated in a thematic show. Works must be consigned for 2 months. Works can not be removed by the artist during this time. Please upload images of the exact piece(s) you would like to have available to sell. Please list the retail price. We are looking for all media of work including 2D, 3D, sculptures, prints (no giclee or digital prints unless you work digitally and these are not reproductions), jewelry, functional pottery, etc. Works should be made within 2 years of submission date.

Submit to be considered for Curated Gallery shows

Use this form to submit to be considered for curated gallery shows in our Main Gallery or for the Admiral Dot Miniature Gallery.