Remember the Future: Crystal Morey (September 21st-November 3rd, 2013)


New work by Crystal Morey

(September 21st- November 3rd, 2013)

Opening Reception: Saturday, September 21st, 6-9pm
Closing Tea & Artist Talk: Sunday,  November 3rd, 3-6pm (Talk starts at 4pm)


Crystal Morey’s work reflects her interest in how human advancements in technology, agriculture, and urbanization have imposed stress on natural ecosystems and the species that live in them. She humanizes these ideas by making sculptures of humans and animals that express the delicate dependencies we share.

The works in ‘Remember The Future’ are inspired by the layered masks of indigenous people of the Pacific Northwest that often include animal and human forms within one another. They also draw ideas form ancient Egyptian sarcophagi and mythological narratives involving morphed animal/human identities. Morey creates reinterpretations of these sources to capture the contemporary condition of living out of balance with nature and our deep longing of interconnectedness.

We are very excited to offer a bronze edition for her upcoming show ‘Remember the Future.’  We are working with the illustrious Artworks Foundry in Berkeley, California.  Artworks Foundry has cast many of the nation’s premier sculptors (including Asawa, Beasley, Cleary, Daub, DeStaebler, McClure, Neri, Noble, Oliveira, Goode, Graham, Voulkos, Wolfe and many more) and soon will cast an edition for us! We chose a sculpture from the ‘Remember Our Future’ series of a figure enclosed in a blackbuck antelope. We chose this particular sculpture because of its beautiful spiral horns, contemplative gesture, and delicate hands and feet. We think it will make a magnificent bronze that any collector will treasure!

You can watch the entire process unfold in real time on our website HERE as we post about it.