‘Fauna’ in the Compound Artists Gallery (August 27-October 9)

Curated by Alison O.K. Frost, The Artists Gallery at The Compound Gallery showcases work made in the Compound Studios.  Fauna is a show about animals, in the loosest sense of the word. (Think of childhood games of 20 Questions, when the choices were “Animal, Mineral, and Vegetable,” and animal could encompass anything from one-celled organisms to wool sweaters.) As humanity evolves to
push its own natural history to the frontiers, artists respond from the fringes. The work of Crystal Morey and David Six explore incongruous communion with animals. Morey’s work and that of Compound newcomer Kyle Lypka show humanish figures discovering and embracing their own animal nature. Meanwhile Faye Kendall, Thomas Haag and Toni Gentilli use abstraction, resulting in materials that change into creatures and back again before the viewer’s eyes. Curated by Alison OK Frost.