HEWN + INTERACTION (Nathaniel Parsons & Christopher Wagner)

In the Main Gallery

The Compound Gallery is pleased to announce our last show of the 2015 season, HEWN + INTERACTION in the Main Gallery. Bay Area local Nathaniel Parsons and Pacific Northwest resident Christopher Wagner showcase their newest works and weave together a lively narrative of human experience. Parsons paints scenes as they are–full of humans making decisions, walking, hiking, and escaping. His mixed media works combine to form a story where moments are captured. Wagner’s wood sculptures revolve around the human figure, some with gestures borrowed from various religious traditions, some with tattoos, and others interact with animals. Both artists will be in attendance at the opening reception.


Show dates: November 7th-December 13th, 2015
Closing Tea & Artist Talk: Sunday, December 13th 3-6pm (Talk starts at 4pm)
LIVEStream events: www.CompoundArtTV.com

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