The Compound Gallery Experimental Music Series – Feb. 24th 2009

The Compound Gallery Experimental Music Series by jimzeen productions and Outsound Presents:

8 pm

– The Lords of Outland – Rent Romus / CJ Borosque / Philip Everett / Ray Schaeffer
9 pm – The Spirit Moves Us” Bob Marsh / Jim Ryan / Spirit

The Lords of Outland, headed up by Rent Romus, has been in existence since the mid-90s. Bursting the bounds of the jazz straight jacket after several years of sonic conservatism, Rent discovered he and the Lords had fallen into a realm known to some as “Free Jazz Black Metal.” Rent’s most recent releases with the Lords, “Culture of Pain” and “You Can Sleep When You’re Dead!” feature his current line-up of the most sonically disturbed of sound artists . . .

“The Spirit Moves Us” is a recently formed trio of musical veterans who have worked with each other in various groups and on several recordings over the past decade. Spirit, on percussion, is considered to be one of the most versatile and advanced drummers in the Bay Area. Bob Marsh’s solidly founded cello work allows him to experiment freely and with ease, and Jim Ryan

’s “Forward Energy” groups have played and recorded throughout the Bay Area and across the country.