Time Capsule 2015 in the Artists Gallery

In the Studio Artist Gallery

A Group Show Curated by Toni Gentilli

November 7th through December 13th
(Opening Reception – Saturday November 7th, 6 to 9pm)

For the final exhibition of the year, Curator Toni Gentilli has assembled a provocative mixed media group show with new work by more than a dozen Compound Studio Artists that reflects on the best and worst societal trends of 2015.

Amy Burek mines the internet, appropriating images from the recently updated Project Apollo Archive, and cleverly transforms them into Instagram-like screenprints that turn a critical eye towards the increasingly blurred line between personal space/privacy and the cultural commons/public information.

Ann Murphy enlists stop motion animation, illustration and collage to focus her dark sense of humor on our collective human tendency to follow the pack, from benign social media fads to systemic political, economic, and environmental crises that lead us to imminent danger, or simply believing that lemmings jump off cliffs because Walt Disney told us so.

Defne Beyce’s unique graphite screenprints find beauty in urban nature and inspiration in the plant life flourishing here in spite of ongoing drought and suboptimal environmental conditions. They call to mind the tenacity of artists such as herself, who are trying to make living in the Bay Area despite harsh economic conditions.

Karla Wilhelm’s gritty relief print portrays the darker side of the San Francisco tech boom, the resultant escalation in construction along Market Street that in turn, spurred unprecedented gentrification in the heart of the city, an ensuing affordable housing crisis, and growing number of homeless throughout the Bay Area.

Beatriz Escobar combines the virtually obsolete art of color film photography with the cutting edge technology of Google’s Image Search to conduct a self-styled visual anthropology of classical paintings, both in museum collections and on the internet, and make a side-by-side comparison of historical analog and contemporary digital rendering of skin tones.

Amy Burek

Amy Burek

Ann Murphy

Ann Murphy