Compounded (October 11-October 27)

(October 11-October 27, 2008)

The Compound Gallery is proud to announce our second biannual group show featuring new work from The Compound Studio Artists. In addition to the gallery, 10 studios and over 19 artists make up The Compound’s bustling artist community in Oakland. Come see what local artists are up to and explore our 10 open studios.>

Artists: Ambur Mueller, Amanda Kennedy, Amy Martin, Anne Garvey, Audrey Roy, Crystal Morey, David Spiher, Ellen Fernandez-Sacco, Eric Sanchez, Jason Byers, Kerri Lee Johnson, Laura Villevieille, Lena Reynoso, Marie Reich, Matt Reynoso, Noah Sakamoto, Sarah Edwards, Tallulah Terryll, and Thomas Sacco.

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