In Our Nature: Crystal Morey (June 9th-July 15th, 2012)

In Our Nature: Crystal Morey

(June 9th-July 15th, 2012)

Opening Reception: Saturday, June 9th, 6-9pm
Closing Tea & Artist Talk: July 15th, 3-6pm (talk at 4pm)

Crystal Morey  explores the impact and stresses mankind has imposed on animal life and our natural world and pays  particular attention to species that have been endangered or have become extinct due to urban development, industrial agriculture, over-hunting and loss of habitat, and examine how these changes may affect human psyches, emotions, and actions.

Crystal is fascinated by the way mankind interacts with the natural world and the predator versus prey relationship that they share. Nature has always governed human and animal life; evolution had its own timeline and plants and animals coexisted. By  examining the acceleration that has occurred in natural life cycles caused by technology and human growth, Crystal investigates the delicate, interwoven dependencies all creatures share, and the strengths and mysteries found in our world through sculpture that expands beyond reality into an enigmatic realism that is of another world.

One way for us to gauge our effect on the earth is through the health of other species around us. By combining human-like figures with ghostly animals, a narrative of connectivity showing the relationship that exists between humans, animals, and nature is revealed.

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