David Fullarton: How We Amuse Ourselves Between Onslaughts


Sunday, October 6th 3-6pm
Talk starts at 4pm

Join us on the last day of David Fullarton’s show for a casual artist talk in the gallery. Treats will be served. Free and open to the public. Closing reception is 3-5pm. David’s talk will start at 4pm.

Show dates: August 17th-October 6th
Opening Reception: Saturday, August 17th, 6-9pm
Artist Talk & Closing Reception: Sunday, October 6th, 3-5pm
(Talk starts at 4pm)

Works are available online for sale HERE

As we plummet towards the end of the second decade of the twenty first century the world has clearly gone insane. We are engulfed by avarice, intolerance and spectacular stupidity. Men who are too deluded to be left in charge of a functioning hair dryer now control entire countries and we are bombarded on a daily basis by unbearably grim news.

Amidst this relentless onslaught of enveloping dread, we find ourselves under incessant pressure to be positive and improve ourselves– constantly goaded to live our best lives with a desperate joy in our hearts and a constant and inane grin permanently etched on our collective faces.

Thankfully relief is at hand in the form of David Fullarton, a reliably dyspeptic malcontent whose mixed media drawings inject a little levity into this landscape of ludicrousness.

Deploying uncompromising wit and dark humor to ruthlessly skewer contemporary neuroses, his work laughs in the face of looming disaster and ridicules the disappointing reality of diminished modern existence.

This exhibition represents the latest chapter in Mr. Fullarton’s ongoing chronicle of mania, melancholy, quiet desperation and bitter regret. And even if you find this droll dissection of the modern malaise amusing, please remember you are under no compunction to smile.