Habitual Homesteaders: Work by Gina Tuzzi and Tyler Bewley (August 14th-September 19th, 2010)

Habitual Homesteaders:
Work by Gina Tuzzi and Tyler Bewley

(August 14th- September 19th)

*Curated by BayVAN

Closing Tea & Artist Talk: Sunday, September 19th, 3-6pm
(Talk begins at 4pm)

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This exhibit explores the idea of home through the notions of mobility and adaptive ways of living. As in the past, modern day homesteaders are in search of new strategies to lay down roots and create environments conducive to life and growth.  The two artists chosen for the exhibit approach ideas of travel and home from futurist, fanciful, nostalgic and pre-apocalyptic viewpoints.
In search of the idyllic lifestyle, Gina Tuzzi creates fantastic caravans of modern gypsy travel mobiles with ether reaching, stacked living quarters. By re-appropriating symbols she have collected throughout the years of her California seaside existence, she aims to celebrate the presence of the spiritual and electric, as it exists within this idyll and its many modern day tribes.Tuzzi’s recent works on paper and 3D models have become a surrogate convoy of paradisiacal blueprints through which she investigates the cosmic architecture of a dreamscape that is rooted very solidly in her own desires.Gina Tuzzi lives and works in Oakland, CA, she recently graduated with an MFA from Mills College and was a nominee for the 2010 SECA award.
Tyler Bewley spent much of his youth exploring the expansive areas of rural California. Now residing in San Francisco, he has become acutely aware of the tension that exists between nature, man and development in CA. His work is inspired by the state of the natural environment, urban american life, and the human proclivity to develop and dominate our surroundings.Through his mixed media works on paper and canvas, Beweley conveys a message of urgency about the state of man and nature using his work as a lens to provide the viewer with ways in which to reflect and examine these underlying issues.Tyler Beweley received a degree from Skidmore College, his work has been exhibited widely and can be found on international magazine covers and local wine bottles.  He is currently teaching art at Marin Academy High School.

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