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Don’t miss: ‘Junk Pirate’

May 27, 2010|By Mary Eisenhart

  • thrift store employee
    “Cassettes” is one of the found-object pieces in Pete Glover’s exhibition “Junk Pirate.”
    Credit: Compound Gallery

      Artist Pete Glover’s other career (as a thrift store employee) has served him well in his quest for the creme de la creme of cultural detritus – as evidenced by his Junk Pirate blog, zine, book and more. Now some of his favorite collections – incorporating game pieces, antiquated electronics, personal memorabilia and more – are gathered in a single collection sure to trigger the fondest and oddest of flashbacks.

      Reception 6 p.m. Sat. Through July 4. Noon-6 p.m. Thurs.-Sun., 7-10 p.m. first Fridays. The Compound Studios and Gallery, 1167 65th St., Oakland. (510) 817-4042.