Outside the Box II (March 16th-April 21st, 2013)


(March 16th-April 21st, 2012)

Opening Reception: Saturday, March 16th, 6-9pm

Join us for an exhibition featuring the full size work of artists who participate in our Art in a Box Subscription Service. Our artists work in a variety of media and will be showcasing some of their newest work.

Closing Tea + Cake Walk: Sunday, April 21st, 3-6pm

Join us on the Last day of Outside the Box II for a fun afternoon. Meet the Art in a Box artists and enjoy the art! We are also celebrating our 5th year of business! Thank you everyone for all your support throughout the years! Whether you bought a single card or a giant work of art, we want to thank you for supporting our notion of making the business of art about quality and fun.  Without wonderful art appreciators like you, we wouldn’t be celebrating our 5th anniversary with such an amazing show featuring such an outstanding group of artists.


Bring a cake (or cupcakes, or anything cake-y) if you want to add to the cake festivities.  We will start the cake walk at 4pm.  Patrons, cake bringers, and guests arriving first will have first dibs at playing the game! Using our nostalgic record player, we will play some tunes as patrons stroll along marked squares on the floor.  One square will be marked as the winning square.  When the music stops, the person who is on (or closest to) the winning square wins a cake of their choice!  If you pass the square, there is no backing up…

In addition to the Cake Walk prize cakes, we will have cake to consume, and we hear there may even be some ice cream involved…

Participating Artists: Alison OK Frost, Ben Belknap, Clare Szydlowski, Crystal Morey, David Fullarton, David Spiher, Elise Mahan, Giles Goodhead, Jeanne Lorenz, Jenni Ward, Martin Webb, Masako Miki, Matthew Pugh, Patricia Gillespie, Shannon Taylor, Steve Ferrera, Tallulah Terryll, Yuki Maruyama

The closing reception will feature an old fashioned cake walk…any purchase of artwork throughout the show will get you a spot in the walk. Cakes made by artists!

*We will also be launching our Special Limited Edition Ceramic Plate Collection at the reception! (You can pre-order one day early on our website here).