Anatomies (July 3-August 2)


By Kari Marboe and Adrian Van Allen
(July 3-August 3)

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Adrian Van Allen’s art transcribes the lost history of science. She recreates her own scientific methods, collections, and displays that parallel current and historical research in science and technology. For Anatomies,  she will install an evolutionary timeline of animal skeletons. The prints and bones are arranged using a system described in Pliny the Elder’s Natural History – where creatures are organized by the type of locomotion. A unicorn skull is the centerpiece of the collection.

Kari Marboe’s work depicts medical narratives of family and community members through a series of multifaceted portraits of failed anatomical structures. Anatomies features two groups of Marboe’s work, the first uses the intimate medium of clay to create internal portraits of family members, the second is comprised of stories from friends and the news media and is depicted with biologic organs and glass cubes. Each series seeks to explore both the emotional and physical aspects of medical experiences.


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*Help Me Remember How Beautiful the World Is*
Work by YaChin Bonny You

Even with reports on good workouts, wonderful brunches, and other uplifting stories, the grimness of the world is often the highlight of the news, and we are left with depressing images and woeful visions of our bleak world. A reality it may be, but there is another reality that reminds us that there is a wood chair sitting quietly in a corner, a couple of puppies excitedly sniffing each other out under the sun, and a grandma somewhere baking delicious chocolate chip cookies. YaChin Bonny You’s work shows us that life is full of small and beautiful moments.

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