Compound Interest (March 21-April 27, 2009)


March 21-April 27, 2009


Join us for our Annual Group show featuring all of the artists who work at The Compound Studios.

The Compound Artists work in ceramic, paper, collage, paintings, sculpture, pen and ink, printmaking, and more! Visit 10 Open Studios and see what everyone has been up to!

Participating Artists: Ahmed Rahim, Amanda Jayne Kennedy, Ambur Mueller, Audrey Roy, Claudia Bauer, Crystal Morey, David Spiher, Ellen Fernandez-Sacco, Eric Sanchez, Jason Byers, Kelly Seldan, Kerri Lee Johnson, Lena Reynoso, Liz Penniman, Marie Reich, Matt Reynoso, Noah Sakamoto, Tallulah Terryll, Thomas Sacco, Uli Mueller, and YaChin Bonny You

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