Review of Yelling Clinic – East Bay Express (October 1, 2008)


Yelling Clinic

While terror-stampeded Americans have nearly forgotten our proxy Cold War in Vietnam, theart-and-disability collective Yelling Clinic has not. In a show curated by Katherine Sherwood at the Compound Gallery, Chau Thuy Huynh
, Sunaura Taylor , and Ehren Tool
examine the war’s environmental and psychological legacies both here and there. Huynh, who grew up postwar in the north, makes art that tries to reconcile the rifts between former adversaries; her drawing “Soul Catcher” combines the paper boats that she made as a child with the reminiscences of southerner/”boat person” An Nguyen. Taylor, developmentally affected by stateside US military pollution, shows powerful paintings indicting our cruelty to factory-farm animals like “downer” cows, or male chicks tossed down a chute into a Dumpster. Gulf War veteran Tool makes ceramic cups collaged with images of war, weaponry, and the wounded. Here’s to “other priorities” like war profiteering! Yelling Clinic runs through October 3 at the Compound Gallery (6640 San Pablo Ave., Oakland). or 510-547-6608.

Opening reception
: Sat., Sept. 13, 6-9 p.m.
Time & Date: Sept. 13-Oct. 6

— By DeWitt Cheng